The fuel pump went out in Grey Bull, Wyoming.  I had a spare with me but it was over 100 degrees and the pump is located under the car.  Instead of laying on the scorching hot pavement and getting covered with gas, I called AAA.  The only truck was 65 miles away in Cody and would not be back for at least a couple hours.  We went into the grocery store to escape the heat.  The manager noticed we were stuck and said we could stay as long as we needed but the store was going to close soon.   Not a problem in Grey Bull as he said someone was coming in to strip and wax the floors and he could unlock the door and let us out when AAA arrived.   He also said they had fresh backed goods every day so we could help ourselves to whatever we wanted.  As it turns out, the manager never did leave but stayed and told us his story of being in Europe waiting to be shipped to Viet Nam.  He bought an MG Midget and drove it all over Europe.

We had driven for 6 hours in 105-degree heat in the Eastern Oregon desert when we finally arrived in Burns, Oregon.  The young man who ran the beautiful Sage Country Inn B&B came out and said we should not hurry​ to unpack but to first come sit on the porch and enjoy some ice-cold lemonade he had just made.    It was just one of the many simple acts of kindness we experienced on the trip.

Not every person we met was…well…a person.  We arrived at the Big Bear Motel in Cody late at night and in the morning, we heard this guy making a racket.  Carole a went out and befriended him.   There was a big rodeo in Cody while we were there.  Ya gotta love life on Route 20.

This group includes members of the Willamette (Oregon) MG Club.  My friend Troy arranged a surprise party in Stayton, just North of Route 20 and Corvallis.  We had a great time and feel like we had made many new friends.  The first question they asked..."So...what broke?"  These guys know their British cars.  I also learned how to pronounce Willamette...will...ah...met.