The MGB is the car that solidified America's love affair with the sports car.  Between 1962 and 1980 over 500,000 Bs were made in Abingdon-on-Thames England...most were imported into the US.

I committed to owning an MG when, at age 12, I read The Red Car by Don Stanford.  I decided I wanted a B when they first came out.

About 15 years ago our red car joined our family and we have had dozens of incredible adventures with it...but nothing like this trip.

In the year or so prior to the trip Andy Bell and the crew at Steele and Bell in Canandaigua prepared the car by replacing wiring, wheel bearings, springs, radiator, water pump and a whole lot more old and potentially vulnerable parts.


After two years of planning and preparation, on June 13, 2013 we loaded our 1973 MGB to head for Boston and the start of US Route 20.  US 20 is the longest road in the United States covering 3,365 miles from Fenway Park in Boston to Newport, Oregon.  US 20 crosses Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wyoming (including Yellowstone Park), Montana, Idaho and Oregon.